Do you have the next SMART idea? But don’t know the steps to build it into an viable product or service.

Then think 6P Idea! Why? We have developed a set of actionable steps to design your idea into high level business plan or storyboard.

How? By developing a mini start-up firm using participants as the founding team.  One of the 6P Idea team members acts as the facilitator to help spark smart ideas. Then, guides either you as a solo or all the founders in constructing a “high-level vision” to take back as an overview for continued product/service development.  The emphasis is on a commercially viable idea—a P-Profit Thing! But there is fun along the way to excite and spark creativity in team members.

The “6P’s of an Idea” program has been developed for delivery in:

  • Business Coaching (Personal)
  • One-to-Two day Workshops
  • Lunch and Learn programs
  • Start-up firms
  • One-on-one basis with entrepreneurs
  • Charitable organizations
  • Schools
  • After school programs (WizBizKids and WizBizTeenz)

Or looking for some smart ideas?  Our team offers consulting services in creative direction.  Think of us as your on demand Creative Director.