At the “6P Idea” the goal is to generate breakthrough ideas by motivating and inspiring individuals to think like entrepreneurs…the new smart! Christine “Samantha” Williams has learned the process to take a passion… and create an idea/business from the ground up.

Samantha can facilitate and motivate your team to generate breakthrough and SMART ideas.  Most ideation sessions end with the generation of an idea, but the method goes one step further by providing “a vision” and the foundation of a real-life business plan.

How can an idea fail? By the failure to have a “big vision” and an actionable idea.  Samantha Williams has developed a fun way based on core business principles to inspire, motivate and facilitate SMART ideas.  It is called the “6 P’s of an Idea”:

The method:
The proprietary “6 P’s of an Idea” methodology: Product, Plan, Partner, Production, Promote and Purchase.

The formula:
(What + How + Who + “To Do”) + (Sell + Sale) = Actionable Idea

This formula inspires individuals and teams to start-up new ideas with a solid action plan take-a-way.

Our various types of speaking/facilitating engagements include:

  • Corporate Workshops
  • Business Coaching (Personal)
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Business Club Speaking Events
  • Radio and TV Shows/Interviews
  • Idea Pep Rallies
  • Academic events
  • Jr. and High School programs

Let Samantha Williams help facilitate your smart innovative ideas..or your firm’s, club’s or even’st by motivating individuals to think like entrepreneurs…The new smart!

“Samantha” Williams
Founder and Motivational Speaker

Christine Williams, founder of 6P Idea, personally knows what is needed to take a passion and create a business from the ground up. Now she shares that knowledge to inspire audiences to think like entrepreneurs to create innovative ideas via workshops, radio shows, rallies and various other types of speaking engagements.

The WizBizkids workshop and book series developed by Christine Williams also teaches youth the business and creativity skills they need to succeed. Find more at www.wizbizkids.com.

Ms. Williams co-founded and served as CEO for 22, FinListics® Solutions, a sales enablement software firm. FinListics Solutions was named one of the top woman-owned businesses in Georgia by DiversityBusiness.com in 2006 and 2007. Christine was the 2007 recipient of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl Women of Distinction Award. In 2006, Atlanta Woman Magazine named Christine as one of the top six female entrepreneurs in Atlanta, Georgia. She was also chosen as the Rising Star of the Year in 2005 by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and nominated for the 2004 Atlanta Women in Technology Woman of the Year in Technology Award.