At the “6P Idea” the goal is to generate breakthrough ideas by motivating and inspiring individuals to think like entrepreneurs…the new smart!

We designed a process to take your passion and turn it into a potential product or service.  Think of us as helping you write the story or vision of your idea.

Why do your need a high-level vision? Many entrepreneurs fail to develop their idea beyond just that…an idea.  They stop there and do not consider all the pieces that go into developing a formal pitch and business plan. That is where the 6P’s come into play – they provide a foundation to develop an actionable idea – or the 6P’s of an idea.

So just what are the “6P’s of an Idea”?

The 6P method:
The proprietary “6P’s of an Idea” methodology: Product, Plan, Partner, Production, Promote and Purchase.

The 6P formula:
(What + How + Who + “To Do”) + (Sell + Sale) = Actionable Idea

This detailed formula inspires individuals and teams to start-up new ideas with a solid action plan take-a-way.

Our various types of speaking/facilitating engagements include:

  • Corporate Workshops
  • Business Coaching (Personal)
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Business Club Speaking Events
  • Radio and TV Shows/Interviews
  • Idea Pep Rallies
  • Academic events
  • Jr. and High School programs

Let the team at 6P Idea help facilitate your smart innovative ideas..or your firm/club’s by motivating individuals to think like entrepreneurs…The new smart!