Science of Selling

Challenger verses Hunter – What kind of sales person are you?  What is your company “doing different” from your competitors?  What sales/creative tools do you utilize with your potential customers?  Dr. Gary Selden Co-Director of Kennesaw University’s, Center for Professional Selling speaks with host and entrepreneur Christine Williams about the step by step process of making the sale.  Both Gary and Christine go over some very important tools that are key in making a sale and keeping a client as well as ask questions that companies need to ask themselves; Are you or your sales force offering potential customers a solution that is “different” than what your competitors are offering?  Do you have a customer profile and why is this a valuable tool?  The importance of customer retention and how much does it cost your company to loose just one customer are a few of the questions among many other key sales elements that you will learn in this podcast.   Gary hits on some great points, and goes over a wealth of information that could benefit anyone!