A Perfect time to Ponder your Life Plan

Have you ever stopped to ponder about the pieces of your Life Plan? The “To Do’s” you love to do and just “How” you make them come true? So many times, we get caught up in the roller coaster of everyday routines – the treasures of our life are not treasured. That is until they are taken away, changed and or even just slightly modified.

In today’s COVID times, it is a Perfect time to ponder and re-evaluate your life journey—Industries are changing, work places becoming remote or re-designed and lifestyles revolving more around the home.

I hope this article finds you some ways to start to plan the next chapter of your life. As, having an overall life plan (just like businesses have formal plans) can also help save time, money and even heartache when building or rebuilding your Perfect life.  Some of these changes may require a few months or years in these changing economic times. But if you have a plan in hand – then you can take action when the time comes.

So here are just a few questions and a fun formula to ponder for your Life Plan:

6P’s of a Life Plan

(Where + What + Who + “To Do”) + (How + Why) = Life Dream Come True!

  • What are the pieces “To Do” to build my dream lifestyle?
  • What I need “To/or Not Do”…or “How and Why” to achieve it?

Some of the things you may jot down for the “To Do” and “How/Why” of your Life Plan are the following:

  • Is your personal setting, your home, something you cherish? As home is becoming more of an everyday part and even work part of your life. Do you like where it’s located? Is it close to sporting, walking/biking trails or a natural environment? Is it quiet, is it easy to manage, or do you like a challenge with lots of space and/or city noise and lots of excitement but less outside access?
  • Is your career and profession a big piece of fulfillment in your Life Plan lifestyle? Many people are driven and fulfilled internally by their careers. It is how they identify themselves and, thus, is a big piece of their Lifestyle. If this is true, then you must continually improve yourself in this aspect of your life to stay competitive in your field to hold onto this treasure. Thus, educational and skill improvements would play a big part of your Life Plan.
  • Are sports or a personal hobby a big part of the game in developing your life formula? Many people come close to being professional players in many sports or hobbies for fulfillment in life. From competitive golf to championship horse riding, many hours – and dollars – are devoted each week to keeping up with this talent. One needs to factor the time and money into this fulfilling but time-consuming part of your Life Plan—and balance it with career, family and personal setting choices/factors, such as choosing a smaller home, job over career, or living near the course or rings.
  • When does retirement play into your Life Plan? If you desire to retire early then make saving – creating your Life Pension Fund – a bigger piece of your planning early in life. The multiplier effect of saving at an early age is huge. One less latte a day can make a frothy difference in making your retirement less stressful. Or, you may decide to live in a smaller condo or pad where you don’t have to downsize when you get older. So many times you take a big hit on moving  to smaller dwellings. Don’t take that hit and find the right fit from day one – it is amazing what you can fit in your personal setting nowadays. And use the outdoor community parks as your pool and grilling stations.
  • Is serving and conserving one of your Life Plan Pieces and Purpose in life? Many take a shift in their life away from personal accomplishments towards a more charitable life.  As with sports, you need to leave time to pursue your passion in helping others and efforts to protect our world. It may also mean you travel a lot and thus need a career that allows flexibility. And a personal setting that is lock and go—low maintenance.

These are just a few pieces that come into play in your Life Plan. With more time on our hands while in quarantine, it was and is a great time to start observing what you cherish on a daily or even hourly basis… and jot them down in a Life Planner.

Give Rise to your Dream Life…by formulating your Life Plan!

Charisma—and don’t have it—Hire it!

Years back, the Atlanta Business Chronicle did a piece called the, “Charisma-Can a Leader’s Personality alone keep a Company aloft?”
I was chosen as a CEO and entrepreneur to be interviewed for this article. And what first came to mind was, if as the leader of your start-up you do not have what is considered a charismatic personality—then hire some!

Why? Charisma is magical. And a talent. Some people are just born with the ability to persuade others to buy things, build things and sometimes even destroy things. “

Charisma can be bold or quiet—and if you don’t have it– Hire it! It does not mean being bold in nature, but having the skill and ability to sell yourself or idea or even belief. Being a great storyteller generally an asset these charismatic personalities possess. Just look at Steve Jobs. He was one of the best storytellers!

So, if you don’t have it…then find a partner who has some charisma or an associate who can lend some. Be a duo if you must—rather than go down as a boring bust—when pitching your business plan, elevator pitch, or luncheon learn.

The reporter asked for my name of someone whom I thought was a charismatic leader. My mind went to Sara Blakely of Spanx. We both had started our firms around the same time and met her at a networking event. Sara Blakely’s personality was dynamic. Her smarts, her sense of humor, her energy out shined most of the other speakers. You remembered her…but most important…remembered her ideas, too. And as history unfolded, Spanx went on to be a huge success.

So, my Gotta- Charisma can be an asset for the leader or member of a start-up firm. Your firm’s Gotta have it!  But of course, a company cannot survive on Charisma alone…it must be combined with good ideas, people and business plan to keep afloat!

Gotta: Don’t have Charisma-Hire It!

“Charisma-Can a Leader’s Personality alone keep a Company aloft?”, Atlanta Business Chronicle, March 3-9, 2006 Section B, page 1, 7.

Sowing the Seeds of Creativity

There is an expanding creativity gap in America’s youth—our future entrepreneurs. As reported in Newsweek (July 10, 2010), creativity in children has declined consistently since the 1990s. Another worrisome trend, most K-12 programs, while focusing on basic skills development, unfortunately offer few (if any) classes on creativity and entrepreneurship.

What does this creativity gap mean to you and our country? The implications are manifold. Today, fewer successful entrepreneurs mean lower employment and less effective leadership. What’s more, on the world stage, the U.S. is losing its edge in innovation and research and development.

How can we help close this gap? We must better sow the seeds of creativity within young minds to spark their imagination and help transform more ideas into a fruitful harvest. After all, many success stories, whether business, personal, societal or otherwise, were born out of an idea.