Want to think like an Entrepreneur…The New Smart! Ready to take your ideas to the next step.

Let us inspire you! How? By using the “6 P’s of an Idea” formula to create and design your idea. Why do many businesses fail?  Founders may have failed in “thinking” their their entire idea through.

The 6P Idea formula helps to motivating individuals (employees) to think like entrepreneurs by dreaming and designing SMART ideas.

How? The proprietary formula helps individuals craft a well thought out new or revised product or service. You learn how to make your P-Product ideas into a commercially viable product by running it through the essential business processes:

  • Discovering a Unique P-Product/Service/Charity
  • Forming Critical P-Partnerships
  • Outlining a P-Production Plan
  • Designing creative ways to P-Promote
  • Researching markets/customers who will P-Purchase
  • Having the Foundation for constructing an  Business P-Plan

Learn more about the different ways to make your dream idea come through on our Workshop and Speaking Page.  Also, listen to some of the SmartSamantha Radio Show podcasts hosted by serial entrepreneur,  Samantha Williams, to give you insights from powerful business leaders in developing your P’s.

And finally, we offer a blog to inspire and educate you on trending entrepreneurial topics and twitter them too.  We hope to inspire you to think the New Smart…like an Entrepreneur!

Think Different…Think the 6 P’s of an Idea